Where are images stored in WordPress?

WordPress images are stored along with all other media files such as PDF, PPT or Videos. All uploaded images are completely organized in folders.

For example
If you upload an image image.png on 22nd February 2019 from WordPress Dashboard. You will find that image on the following path inside hosting file manager/FTP.


If you notice from the above image path all images are stored in the “uploads” folder inside the “wp-content” folder and are organized in year and month folders as well.

Additionally, all years and month folders are automatically created and it makes it super easy to know which picture was uploaded when.

Where to add google analytics on WordPress?

Google analytics code is supposed to be added in the head section of any website. Hence on WordPress website you will have to add in the head section of the website as well.

There are multiple methods available to add google analytics code on the WordPress website. I will be discussing with you 2 ways for doing it.

2 Methods to add Google Analytics Code on WordPress website

  • Without a plugin
  • Using a plugin

Without a plugin

There are a few short steps for it:

  1. Login to wp-admin of your website
  2. Go to “appearance -> editor or theme editor”
  3. Look for the “header.php” file on the right side and click on it.
  4. Find </head> tag inside header.php file
  5. Paste Google Analytics Code there.
  6. Hit “update file” button and you are DONE!
Where to add Google Analytics on WordPress
Where to add Google Analytics on WordPress

Above method is recommended if you are using child theme. If you don’t have one, first how to create a child theme on WordPress.

Using a plugin

There are multiple plugins available on WordPress which can be used to setup Google Analytics. We can recommend you one of them https://wordpress.org/plugins/analytics-for-wp/

Where to find functions.php or header.php on WordPress

There are 2 possible places where you find functions.php or header.php.

  1. Inside wp-admin dashboard
  2. Inside file manager on the control panel or FTP

Inside wp-admin dashboard

  1. Login to wp-admin of WordPress website
  2. Go to “appearance -> editor or theme editor”
  3. There you will see “functions.php or header.php”
Where to find functions.php or header.php on WordPress
Where to find functions.php or header.php on WordPress

Inside file manager on the control panel or FTP

On the following path on the control panel, you will find functions.php or header.php file

public_html/website_folder/wp-content/themes/THEME_NAME/functions.php or header.php

THEME_NAME is your activated theme name.

Where is wp-config.php located on WordPress?

Wp-config.php file is located inside the main directory of the website. If your website is in public_html when you open public_html you will find wp-config.php file there.

When to use child theme on WordPress?

You can use child theme when you want changes to theme functionality or design. Changes to child theme are recommended so that you will not lose these changes when there are theme updates from theme provider available.

You can know more about child theme here

Why WordPress is popular?

One of the reasons behind WordPress’s popularity is the freedom it provides to extend the website’s functionality. It pretty much allows building any kind of website.

Since, WordPress is an open-source a lot of people are contributing to it almost on a regular basis, and new plugins are released very often. With the help of plugins, you can extend WordPress functionality a lot with having programming knowledge.

Similarly, there are lots of themes available in the market, you can very easily choose the theme of your choice without having to design a new theme from scratch if you don’t want to.

You can know more about WordPress in word detailed article here

Why WordPress is best CMS?

There are lot of reasons which make WordPress best Content Management System (CMS). One of them is its open source and lot options are available to easily modify functionality of WordPress website.

Another reason, for its popularity, is its very easy to main, its super easy to create articles/posts or pages on WordPress and a lot of other stuff can be done from WordPress dashboard without having programming knowledge.

Additionally, there are lot of helping stuff available online to answer your queries regarding WordPress.

Are WordPress plugins and themes free?

Answer to this question is partial yes, there are lots of themes and plugins freely available to be download.

Many theme and plugin providers charge for their work.

Depending on your requirements you can use free ones or paid ones.

Are WordPress themes and plugins safe?

WordPress themes and plugins are safe as long as they are developed by following WordPress standard.

It is advised whenever you install theme or plugin make sure to check provider’s reviews and see if plugin/theme is tested well.

Can WordPress be hacked?

Yes, if security measures are not kept in mind.

  1. Always keep updated version of WordPress, Plugins and theme.
  2. If required to give other person website login. Make sure to assign proper roles. Know more about WordPress User Roles
  3. Always purchase themes and plugins for official sellers.

Can WordPress be used for eCommerce?

Yes, WordPress can be used for eCommerce. Lots of websites you find on internet which sell online are built using WordPress.

WordPress has lots of handy plugins and themes to support complete eCommerce based website.

You can find lots of eCommerce based theme. Additionally you can use WooCommerce plugin to add support for eCommerce to almost any theme based WordPress website.

WooCommere by default supports lots of payment methods to receive funds on online shop. In case your payment provider isn’t in default list you can use payment provider plugin (usually they provide).

Where WordPress .htaccess is located?

.htaccess  file is located inside main directory of website. If your website is in public_html when you open public_html you will find .htaccess  file there.

Usually this file is not shown by default, so first you will have to turn on show hidden files in file manager on cpanel to see it.

Can WordPress blog be private

Yes, on WordPress you have an option for each webpage or post to be shown to the public or now. You keep all posts and pages password protected and people who know the password can view pages and read the content.

If you want them to make edits on website, you will have to give them edit level access. You can know more about WordPress User Roles here.