Don’t know how to code or not a very skilled designer but still want to create a website for yourself, this is where Wix comes in. It’s very easy to create a website with it without any coding or design skills.

Wix allows you to create beautiful, stunning and fully functional SEO optimized websites that look absolutely good on any device.

It’s free to create a website on Wix, when you want the website on your domain then there is very reasonable Pricing for hosting. Though it doesn’t cost too much as compared to many other website builders and hosting.

In this article we have explained in detail, what Wix offers including how much monthly/annually cost is, how good Wix SEO is, website analytics and much more in fun way.

Wix can support any kind website, to name a few

  • Informational/Business websites
  • Blog
  • Ecommerce
  • Forum
  • Institutional
  • Catalog
  • Resume
  • Portfolio
  • Product introduction
  • Dynamic 
  • Community

Wix Website Editor

There is a super easy drag and drop website builder/editor available which can help you build or customize almost any kind of website design. You can choose from over 500 Wix Templates or build a new one from scratch.

With this editor, you can use almost any kind of elements such as video backgrounds, scrolling effects, animations and other design elements.

wix editor

Responsive Layout

Any website you build with Wix is mobile, laptop and desktop friendly. So, be sure any website you make with it is by default compatible and looks good on any device it is being viewed on.


A website without SEO is like building a road with any vehicles on it.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and the good news is Wix website can be super SEO Friendly with very little efforts you can make your website SEO optimized so it can found by Search Engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo etc.

Website Analytics

Tracking on a website allows you multiple things to monitor such as the total number of visitors on your website, their duration on the website, sources from they are coming and many more. With the correct monitoring of analytics, you make perfect online marketing strategies for your website

For Wix Analytics you might have to use third party tools, we personally use Google Analytics, it’s free and provides lots of information which is very easy to understand.

Adding Google Analytics on Wix is again a simple copy and paste of code. You can see here.

Wix website Pricing

You can create websites for free, but when you want to use a customized domain (your own domain) and want more additional features such as custom favicon then you may go with premium plans.

Wix Pricing

Monthly cost depends on the plan you choose based on your requirements. Here you can know more about Pricing plans

I hope I have explained all that you need to know before you can get started with Wix.

If you are a fan of coding stuff and want more control over website’s source code you may use WordPress