Why WordPress for websites? Probably one of the most asked questions to me, I will give a detailed answer to this in this article.

Almost 34% of all websites on the internet are built on WordPress, this number is enough to justify how good WordPress is and how much love it is getting.

WordPress is an open-source Content Management System (CMS), which basically allows you to edit, manage and update websites without the need for any technical knowledge or to be more specific without any coding skills. WordPress is free CMS so you don’t have to pay any fees for using it.

It is based on PHP and MySQL. So, pretty much all hostings support WordPress which can run PHP. But someone who manages WordPress website doesn’t require any PHP or MySQL knowledge, basic computer skills are enough to manage and main WordPress website

Websites support

On WordPress, you can build any kind of website yes Literally! also, many free themes and plugins are available to design and build WordPress websites.

To name a few websites supported by WordPress:

  • Informational/Brochure
  • Personal/Portfolio
  • Online Store/eCommerce
  • Portal
  • Social media
  • Blog
  • Forum

WordPress is mainly based on:

  • Themes
  • Plugins


As the name clarifies, WordPress supports the use of themes, WordPress themes help to set design, color scheme and in many cases the functionality of the website. The best thing is, WordPress theme can be changed at any time without too many efforts with just a few tweaks in content.

WordPress has lots of free themes as well as premium themes. Depending on your choice you can use any theme. doesn’t matter free or premium.

Some of my personal favorite themes are:

Free Themes:

ColorMag – Responsive Layout | Magazine Styled


eStore – Customizable online shop theme


Hiero – Bold Color Schemed | Magazine Style


Premium Themes:

BeTheme – Multi-Purpose


Avada – Multi-Purpose


The7 – Multi-Purpose Website Building Toolkit


Pretty much all the above themes are responsive, responsive theme are those which looks good on any device desktop, tablets, and mobile phones

About 60% of websites users are from mobile devices so it is necessary website looks google on mobile, tablets as well as desktops/big screens.


Most probably plugins are the reason why WordPress is liked and used that much. Plugins are used to extend the functionality of the website with just a few clicks such as installing, activating and configuring and that’s it.

Interesting thing is, many of the plugins are free, many plugins are free with a premium version having more features and some are only-premium.

I am myself, a WordPress Developer, and believe me, 90% plugins I use are free.

I have given below list of plugins I like most, and most probably required for any website you make

Contact Form 7

This plugin helps you easily create contact forms, which are fully functional that is why when those forms are filled you get data delivered to your email. Again, this plugin is available for free.




If you looking for an online shop, then WooCommerce is must have, with not more than 30 minutes you can set up a fully functional online shop using WooCommerce.




Do you know anyone who loves slow websites? Or will you want your website to be slow which takes ages to navigate? Of course not, so here we have Autoptimize plugin, this plugin with just a few clicks helps you optimize the speed of your website. Try it and you will love it.



Smush Image Compression and Optimization

Usually, when you upload pictures on your website those are not optimized, hence increase the load on the website and slows it down. So, along with autoptimize if you use this plugin, your website will be a lot faster.


Both plugins autoptimize and Smush require one-time configuration hence your website keeps optimizing even when you put more content.

Simple Custom CSS and JS

This plugin helps you if you want to insert CSS or JS/jQuery on the WordPress website.

Google Analytics & other code

If you want to set up Google Analytics you will be required by Google to insert analytics code on the website, most probably on <head> section of the website, in that case, this plugin can help you to insert code via HTML tab. You can insert other codes as well which require to be inserted in <head> such as Google Fonts.


So, this post clarifies why about 34% of websites are on WordPress. One of the biggest reasons for WordPress popularity is its themes, plugins (many free and easy to use), and it is open source so you are not limited to functionality and can expand when needed.