One of the major concerns of website owners these days is the security of websites as none of the website owners want their websites to be hacked or compromize on security.

It is necessary to increase the security level as much as possible. In this blog post, we will be talking about WordPress Security

As discussed here around 33% of websites on the internet are using WordPress.

Since WordPress is open-source there are many plugins and themes available in the market. Some of which are not built by following standards hence leave room for attackers to attack websites. 

How to keep increase WordPress security

Mostly WordPress websites are compromised when using

  • Outdated WordPress Version, Plugins and/or Themes
  • Unexpected Core Files modified
  • Websites without SSL. Know more about SSL here 

Below in this post, I will talk more about these

To keep the website secure, always update WordPress to the latest version same goes for plugins and themes.

For theme always use child theme so when you update parent theme customizations in the parent theme are not lost. Learn more about child themes here

Other than the above points, you can use additional plugin called WordFence. This plugin will help you a lot to increase the security of the website. Below I have explained in detail about this plugin.


WordFence behaves like a firewall which blocks and logs most of the attacks to your website.

How WordFence Work

The above picture is taken from and has been used only for reference purpose.

Not just WordFence blocks attached but do other stuff such as:

  • Point out outdated plugins
  • Point out outdated themes
  • Shows unexpected modified files
  • Block unwanted logins to the website
  • Sends you email notifications on unexpected access to the website

Setup this plugin and we are sure you won’t be disappointed at all and yes this plugins is free.

Let us know in the comment section, if you have some other factors which can increase WordPress website security.