What's SSL certificate

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. SSL certificate helps to encrypt/secure data between your website’s hosting server and visitors.

Data includes login information, payment information and/or any other sensitive information, these are one of the reasons why this certificate is important on your website.

Website with SSL

SSL Certificate

Do I need SSL certificate?

Due to the evolution of the internet over the past several years, cybercriminals have become more active.

It is now a must for any website to secure data of the visitors. This certificate is one of those security measures.

Why SSL is important for SEO?

Many organizations including Google are playing an important role in this area to protect user’s data as much as possible.

Google and other search engines have always encouraged website owners to have SSL on websites which also helps in the better reputation of the website.

SSL will definitely help in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to secure better ranking on search engines Google, Yahoo and Bing etc.

How to identify SSL certificate?

It is very easy to spot it

  1. SSL website starts with HTTPs (https://anibih.com/)
    Non SSL websites start with HTTP (http://anibih.com/)
  2. Padlock (small lock icon is shown on browser) is shown of URL
  3. Trust message is shown on left of URL

Where can I get a SSL certificate?

Yes, if you have a website, blog or online shop(ecommerce), you can easily get this certificate.

This certificate was not so common few years back perhaps because of less awareness. On the other hand it was expensive and installation was a little complex process but its not the case anymore.

Now, it doesn’t cost too much on the other hand some companies provide it for free. Check with your hosting support or Web Master/Developer.

SSL is very easy to install these days even most of the web hosting providers do it for your website.

What are the benefits of SSL Certificate?

  • Trust building/security

    Website visitors are sure their information is secure. Every single bit of information is encrypted.

    In simple terms, each information is locked no unwanted person can see or use it.

    Every bit of information is securely send and received from required server only.

  • Better Search Engine ranking

    Google and other search engines definitely benefits the SSL based website over Non-SSL. It is most probably the first thing to do for better ranking and reputation of the website.

  • Online Payments

    Your website must be PCI compliant if you are receiving or planning to receive in future online payments from your online stores or services. SSL is one the important factor of PCI Compliant.

Are SSL certificates necessary?

Straight answer is Yes, I’ll explain below why?

If your website doesn’t require user to give sensitive information then it was not necessary in past.

Sensitive information example

  • Payment Info
  • Registration Info
  • Address Details
  • Any other confidential info

On the other hand not just Google encourages website owners to have SSL, but from Google Chrome Version 68, which was released back on July 24, 2018, Google Chrome has started showing “NON SECURE” warning which eventually put a bad impression on visitor on your website. Shown below is example snapshot

So, better to have it on every website.

Website Without SSL

SSL Certificate

Why is SSL important for ecommerce?

On ecommerce website you will definitely be requiring users to give sensitive information be it information for registration, address and/or payment to proceed further with order.

Hence, it is must to secure/encrypt information of user.

Above information clearly favors “why is ssl important for ecommerce”

Free SSL Certificate

So from this article we have learnt a lot about SSL certificates including how many benefits they can provide and why you need one?

What if I say, you can get SSL Certificate absolutely for free. There are multiple providers which provide SSL for free. I have listed below 2 of free SSL Certificates. You can use anyone from any of both.

  • Let’s Encrypt free SSL Certificate
  • Cloudflare free SSL.

Is SSL different than HTTPs?

No its absolutely same thing.

When you install and setup SSL on your website then HTTPs (or a small lock icon) starts appearing before your domain name.

What will happen to my old non-SSL URLs after this certificate?

This is very good question.

Without SSL your website’s domain has prefix HTTP (like http://readbeast.com/web/wordpress-child-theme/) and after SSL prefix changes to HTTPs (like https://readbeast.com/web/wordpress-child-theme/), so people usually think it as a problem and HTTP links might become invalid but that’s not the case.

Whereas, once you have installed SSL you can safely redirect all HTTP requests to HTTPs without any negative impact on your website search engine ranking or links.

Can we get SSL on any Content Management System (CMS) based website?

Yes, on any Content Management System (CMS) based website you can get SSL. Be it WordPress, Joomla, Wix, Custom CMS or any other.

You can even get SSL on Non-CMS based websites.

Can I get SSL on my subdomains?

Yes, there is special type of SSL certificate which helps you have one certificate on all your sub domains like

  • sub.readbeast.com
  • sub2.readbeast.com
  • sub3.readbeast.com

This type of certificate is called Wildcard

What are the disadvantages of SSL?

As we all know if something is full of advantages still some disadvantages are attached with it.

There are not so many disadvantages of SSL but still we can consider few


If you don’t go with free SSL Certificate for some reason then definietely there is cost for it. It is not so huge cost but it is.

Impact on performance after SSL certificate

Though this impact is not too much but still worth discussing.

Since from above discussion we know these certificates encrypt/secure information before sending it to server, this process take some micro seconds. You may not even notice this impact but still there is minor effect.

But this is minor effect and we can ignore as these certificates have tons of advantages on the other hand.

SSL certificate checker

If you already have SSL certificate on your website but want to ensure if it is correctly functioning in some automated way, it is also possible.

There are lots of free services which help you check if you website have valid complete SSL or not.

Click here to check if you website is using SSL.