Use this absolutely free Loam Calculator to calculate the amount of loam you will need to have for your site or lawn.

Loam Calculator

Instant Loam calculation

How Much Loam Do I Need?

Calculating the total amount of loam for specific space or your new lawn is often very difficult, and requires lots of mathematics.

People often end up, ordering extra or less loam. Which is frustrating most of the times? Right?

We have this super easy loam calculator. Which do not require you to do any manual calculations.

How does this Loam Calculator work?

This superfast tool is built based on best practice formulae available for loam calculation.
You only have to enter asked below values:

  • Width in Feet
  • Height in Feet
  • Depth in Inches
Width, length and depth measurement help for loam calculator

Hit the calculate button, and instantly you will know the amount of loam required for your entered values.

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Disclaimer is not responsible for any kind of miscalculation due to this calculator. Miscalculations can be due to several other conditions.