It’s 2019 and yes there are numerous ways you can make money online fast and safe. We know there are lots of companies that offer to earn money online from home but you find it difficult to earn from there hence today we will share with you exact and to the point method to earn money online fast without any investment.  

The method we will share in this article is best if you are looking for an online earning website or online earning app. With this method you can for sure start earning money from home which can be your extra income along with your regular 9 to 5 job. In many cases people make this earning as their main source of earning not part-time and earn real money online

Today, we are going to introduce you to the online freelancing world and to be more specific we are going to take about Fiverr. Don’t worry if you haven’t heard about this platform before. Believe me, I am going to share with your super techniques which can definitely help you to shine in-crowd on Fiverr.


Fiverr is an online marketplace where you can sell your services and the buyer can purchase those services. Fiverr pretty support any type of skills you might have such as Content Writing, Web Development, Graphics, SEO and Mobile Development and many more.

How to get started with Fiverr?

First of all go to sign up there, follow online screen steps and setup a profile.

Professional Fiverr Profile that sells more!

Fiverr is not like ad clicking website or website for only fun. On Fiverr you will find many professionals even companies’ top management personnel purchase on Fiverr. Hence you need to show yourself a professional.

Good Fiverr Profile Picture

Always have a profile picture in which you look professional, confident and intelligent of course smile a bit. People don’t prefer to work with someone who is always angry.

Profile Description

There is a place on your profile near to your profile picture. There you can give a description of the services you going to offer on profile. Remember its not the place where you place your CV/Resume. Instead, its a place you can describe yourself in few short lines. Given below is an example of Fiverr profile description though you should improve more.

Fiver good description example

“I am a Professional Web Developer & Designer | Web Application Developer. I can work on your existing website(s)/Web Application(s), I can also build a new website(s)/Web Application with top quality. “

Fiverr Gig

Gig is service that you offer on Fiverr, you can offer multiple gigs on Fiverr. Currently, in 2018, you can offer up to 7 gigs on your new profile.

To create a gig you need following

  • Title
  • Picture
  • Description
  • Tags
  • FAQs

First of all DO NOT copy anyone’s picture, title or description you might end up losing your profile. It’s against Fiverr’s rules.

Gig title

Its simple title of your service, It is always recommended to have the main keyword in gig title for which you want gig to be found out.

For Example:

Gig Title “I will design a website for your business”
“design website” is the keyword.

Gig Picture

This is a pictorial representation of your service, it recommended to create it yourself so its 100% original. Your gig picture must explain your service without too much text. Remember Gig picture is different than your profile picture. A profile picture is usually a picture of yourself and gig picture is graphical representation of your service.

Take out some time and think about creating gig picture which directly reflects your service and buyers place order.

Here you can find more about gig pictures. It’s from the official Fiverr website hence 100% authentic.

Gig Description

Gig description is your chance to explain your service in detail where buyers can fully understand what out they can expect from your gig.

You can place some message for buyers in the description as well such as “Please message me to discuss work before you can place order” in case your service requires prior discussion.


Tags are like additional keywords to your gig for which your gig might be found out. You can place up to 5 tags such as “create a website”, “build a website”, “new website”, “WordPress website”, “business website”.  

Research well in the marketplace then places these tags related to your service these can be really very useful to rank your gig.


FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Question

Fiver gig page also has an FAQs section, where you can place commonly questions asked related to your service.

Get Paid!

Everyone loves this part, getting paid for your services. Once you have funds ready on your Fiverr account you can straight away withdraw to PayPal, Payoneer or direct to your bank additional setup of Payoneer will be required but that is super easy only follow on-screen steps.


There is a lot more on Fiverr, we have explained the main points here which can help you kick start your business on Fiverr. If you properly follow our suggestions we shared above you can definitely earn money online which safe, secure and continuous.

Let us know on our contact page if you want to add more to it.