What are chatbots?

Chatbots are short for Chat Robotsthese are basically programs which simulates human-like conversation with the help of a predefined set of data.

When chatbots are created properly and implemented. They can definitely increase revenues by answering to the queries customer might have regarding your product/service.

When customers queries are answered well, chance for customer to purhcase definitely increase.

Understanding Chatbots

To understand chatbots. Let’s understand this with the help of an example. Suppose you run an online business or at least you have an online presence of your physical/offline store.

Most probably you will be receiving lots of messages like
  • What’s the price of the following product?
  • How you will deliver?
  • What colors are available?
  • Can I get a customized product/service?
  • What’s the warranty for the following products?
    And so on.

Answering the above questions is easy, but it will require dedicated time and human work to answer such repetitive questions. What if I say these can be answered without the need of a HUMAN? This is where chatbots come in!

How chatbots work?

When chatbots are created, we enter some predefined data to them (like frequently asked questions), and when questions are asked via messaging, respond is given as if a human has answered the question.

Advanced chatbots can even learn from questions/answers and can answer with the help of multiple sets of data.

Some of chatbot tasks

  • Answer to frequently asked questions
  • Product/service recommendations
  • Promotional offers
  • Technical support
  • Personalized news updates
  • Conduct Surveys
  • Make/Cancel Bookings
  • Capture contact info
  • Newsletter subscription
  • Ticket generation
  • Help connecting to the human agent (if the user asks)

Do users like Chatbots?

It is indeed valid and most important question hence I am highlighting it here.

When chatbots are not programmed very well or no proper data is set it can be irritating for users as chatbot might be showing irrelevant answers.

Chatbots should be carefully built and it should verified most of the predefined data is set. Testing of these is most important else they might easily fail.

Chatbot for websites

On many websites usually, on the bottom (left or right) you find a box to chat. Not all but many of them are chatbots. Yes, it’s true.

You even chat with them, and many times you don’t even recognize if it was a real human or chatbot.

You can also have chatbot for the website, with a predefined set of queries saved in chatbot which visitors might ask and leave the rest to chatbots. Try it once and we are sure you will definitely like chatbots and know how awesome they can be.

Facebook Messenger chatbot

For your Facebook page, you can have a chatbot to answer the queries asked via messaging on Facebook when you are not online.

Facebook chatbot can answer questions asked via messenger. Facebook chatbot can even show content from your website/online store such as products for which visitors might have asked.

There are lots of third party online services available which can help you set up a bot within minutes even if you don’t have any technical knowledge.

Human-Support requirement

Though chatbots work automatically after initial setup and knowledge base (predefined data) but we need to remember these are software based solutions and there can be uncertain or irrelevant results when customers start sending new queries or difficult queries than expected.

So, human support will always be required to monitor and make corrections to knowledge base time to time to ensure chatbots are working as expected.

Remember, these bots will definitely require constant updates to match users’ expectations and improve conversions for your business.

Better the knowledge base, better they will perform.

Need help building chatbot

If you want chatbot programmed for yourself as well and can’t find an expert for it. We are experts of it and can help you build it contact us here.